Friday, May 16, 2014

Sunny Mother's Day

Oh man! May is here in all it's Seattle glory and I am loving it! For the non-local, that means it's been rainy since December and the sun is finally peeking out and giving us some really nice, warm temperatures and the promise of the most beautiful summer. Of course, having lived in the pacific northwest for the last ten years, I also know that May is a total fake-out, getting everyone totally stoked for summer, only to plunge us back into the grey, cool, drizzly month known and June-uary. It gets me every time, but I still can't help but be excited. 

Last weekend was where the weather turned so sunny and I made the most of it! Saturday was the annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, so my mom and I made the trip across the ferry to check out some of the 280+ garage sales going on in the West Seattle neighborhood. I was trying to find a bunch of 5T sized clothes for the Kiddomus and I have had great luck with kid clothes in the past, but this year I struck out. I imagine it's partly because kids his age just wear out their clothes more since they take longer to grow out, which makes sense as he's doing the same with all his 4T stuff now. We have a couple of consignment stores on the island though, so I'm going to check out some of those and will likely buy some things, like pants, new since he wears through them more than others. 

Even though it wasn't terribly successful on the clothes front, it was still a fun day and we got home in time to help make dinner and have a nice time with Gamer Hubby and the kiddos. 

Sunday was, of course, Mother's Day and it ended up being a really nice one. Gamer Hubby and the kids made french toast for breakfast while I relaxed in bed and, later in the day, we had my mother-in-law and mom over for dinner. At my mom's request, we smoked a chicken on our barbeque and roasted a second to make sure we had enough to go around. It turned out great and had the extra benefit of giving me time to just sit out in the sun, embroidering some cloth napkins and enjoying the quiet and an iced tea while the Kiddomus played with my MIL and Honeybee napped. It was a truly lovely day!

Hope your weekend was every bit as nice too! 

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